Golden milk

Golden milk method and its benefits

Golden milk is a traditional drink that people make with turmeric and milk, for flavour add some honey or sugar . People also call it golden milk “turmeric milk

If you haven’t tried golden milk yet, you’re missing out! It’s a delicious , hot milk drink that’s filled with nutrients.

Modern research also suggests that turmeric is a potent antioxidant with antimicrobial and anticancer effects.

The key ingredient in golden milk is turmeric, a yellow spice popular in Asian cuisine, which gives curry its yellow color and milk.

Golden milk is rich in antioxidants, which help protect cells from damage, fight off disease and infections and contribute to your overall health.

Take an inch-long stick of turmeric.Mix two cup of milk, add the crushed turmeric and pepper and bring to a boil. you can add one cup of milk and one cup of water.
Simmer for eight to ten minutes. By this time, the milk will reduce to a cup. This is the reason why I suggest you begin with a mixture of milk and water; else you will end up with a thick drink. Add some hony or sugar according your taste.

If you are taking this to relieve a sore throat, add 1/2 teaspoon of ghee to the hot turmeric milk before drinking it. The ghee will melt and coat your throat, relieving you of cough as well.

if you have joint pain or swelling. You might want to consider having a delicious cup of golden milk just before bed as a natural remedy for chronic arthritis or other inflammatory disorders.

This is a highly effective home remedy packed with an enormous amount of immunity strengthening benefits. When consumed on a regular basis it has the potential to help your body build up your immunity.

golden milk’s powerhouse ingredient is also antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial by nature which is super helpful in fighting off harmful infections.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect waist-trimming drink swap try a glass of dreamy homemade golden milk. It’s got incredible anti-bloat properties that help ease gas and excess stomach bloat overnight

How amazing would it to get rid of the constant burden of dark spots, acne scars, eczema, skin irritations, and much more.

Home made fertilizer

DIY Organic Fertilizer From Vegetable Scraps

Make free fertilizer for your vegetables, houseplants, and flowers. DIY Organic Fertilizer.

Homemade fertiliser is simply decayed organic matter like food scraps and other organic waste in the home. It is a great way to improve garden soil and promote nutrition for plants.

DIY Organic Fertilizer from kitchen Vegetable Scrap.
It completely depends on the ingredients you’re adding. For example, if your fertilizer includes banana peels, they’re rich in phosphorus and potassium. Tea leaves and coffee grounds are a great source of nitrogen and egg shells are rich in calcium.

Save vegetable and fruit scraps for the whole day. Both cooked and raw scraps can be saved along with eggshells, coffee grounds, used tea leaves.
Eggshells are very impotant for plant nutritients. The soil around potted plants, your vegetable garden and outdoor trees will get an incredible boost from the shells calcium composition, which is almost 98 percent of the shell.Vegetable peels such as green leftovers, citrus rind, broccoli stalks and potato peels have nutrients that, when added to the soil of your garden.

How do you make organic fertilizer from kitchen waste?
Gather your kitchen wastes such as food remnants, fruit peelings, vegetable scraps, etc. and add that all to a composite bin. Add some water and leave it for about a day. You may add sOME dust to speed up the composting process. Then, add some natural waste from your garden (like dried leaves, bark, old branches, etc.) to the compost. When you notice it has turned into a dark-colored soil-like mixture, spread that on your garden soil and use as an organic fertilizer.

Banana peels do not contain nitrogen, which makes it a good organic fertilizer. Banana peels are potassium-rich and contain calcium and phosphorus, which are beneficial for fruit trees and flowering plants, specifically roses.

Some foods that can weaken your immunity

what we must eat to keep ourselves healthy, we often forget what not to eat to support our health. Here we tell you some common foods that must be avoided in to keep us healthy and up our immunity to fight viruses.


Foods high in added sugar can raise your blood sugar levels and increase the production of inflammatory proteins which can negatively affect the immune system.

Also, high blood sugar can harm the gut bacteria function, cause imbalance, which can later impact your immune response and make your body more susceptible to infection.


Too much salt in the body can trigger inflammation and increase the risk of autoimmune diseases.

foods are high on salt which can weaken your immune system and make it harder for your body to fight off bacterial infections.

fried food

Fried foods are so delicious. It can effect a serious threat to our overall health by weakening our immune system. According to a study, eating fried food can increase the risk of serious heart diseases and even stroke.Avoid eating French fries, samosas, packed chips, or anything deep-fried.


Too much caffeine intake can affect immunity. The high levels of antioxidants in coffee and tea make them health-protective drinks. But too much caffeine intake can interfere with your sleep, which can increase the inflammation. Do not have tea/coffee six hours before you sleep in order to promote a good night sleep.

The risk of falling and sudden death


For those who get up at night to inspect the house or urinate. Every person must take note of three and a half minutes. It often happens.

A person who always looks healthy has passed away at night. We often hear stories of people saying: ” yesterday, I was talking with him, why did he die suddenly?

The reason is that when you get up at night to go to the toilet, it often happens quickly.

We jump from bed immediately and the brain does not have blood circulation.

Says getting up too quickly in the middle of the night can cause “sudden death.

Doctors say,,,, suddenly rising, the brain will be anemic and will cause heart failure for lack of blood. you should stay in bed for a minute and a half when you wake up, sit in bed for another half minute, and then lower your legs and sit on the edge of the bed for another half minute. After three and a half minutes, your brain will no longer be anemic and your heart will not weaken, which will reduce the risk of falling and sudden death.

Why are the “three and a half minutes” so important?

In the middle of the night, when the desire to urinate wakes you up, the ecg pattern can change. By suddenly waken up, the brain will be anemic and this causes heart failure for lacking of blood.

It is advisable to practice the three minutes and a half, which are:

  1. When you wake up, stay in bed for a minute and a half.
  2. Sit on the bed during the next half-minute;
  3. Lower your legs and sit on the edge of the bed for half a minute.

After three and a half minutes, your brain will no longer be anemic and your heart will not be weaken, which will reduce the risk of falling and sudden death.